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The round forming tube is necessary in the formation of cushion wrapping. In addition to having other uses, cushion wrapping is the most widely used type of packaging in the food industry. Our company is a leader in the production of forming tubes: we produce collars with different entry angles to meet customers’ different needs.
Special wrapping tubes Bergamo


Our craftsmanship enables us to produce special tubing as well as forming tubes. Years of experience in the sector have resulted in the quality that has always distinguished our work. Our knowledge of the market, and of the packaging sector’s diverse requirements, enables us to produce items that are perfectly suited to the variety of wrapping needs.
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Our company constantly seeks to improve its equipment: as well as involving pipes and machinery, good wrapping must have the right accessories. Accessories are not an unnecessary addition to standard processing: attention to detail is everything in packaging.


Founded in 1994, the CN company in Verdello, province of Bergamo, is a leading company in the production of forming tubes and packaging equipment. In keeping with its new company name, CN has been bringing new products on to the market since 2012.

The quality of our products is the result of our extensive experience in the sector. We have been able to combine our long-standing expertise with the enthusiasm and dynamism of a young company. Our small size favours direct and personal contact with customers. And, because of our small size, our work is characterized by high quality craftsmanship. Moreover, we have equipment that can be adapted to all the machines in circulation.

Our distinctive professionalism and reliability can be seen in our particularly rapid delivery times and in the studied adaptability of our products. Moreover, the company owners carry out a significant portion of the craftsmanship. This is to ensure there are direct connections between the workforce, company managers, and customers.

For any information please contact us at +39 035.4829864: We are open from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00.


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Leader in the industrial packaging sector

CN is a Bergamo based company that provides all the equipment needed for industrial wrapping and packaging. Our high quality, reliable forming tubes are suitable for use in all current machines and come in different shapes and types so as to meet every need in the market. Making pipes and building equipment that facilitate, speed up and improve the process of packaging products is not just a job for us – it is a mission.
Our staff’s technical competence, professionalism and passion ensure that CN is known across the forming tubes sector as a brand that guarantees quality, reliable products. Demand the best for your packaging ... Demand CN!
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Guaranteed production standards

CN Tubi Formatori is a dynamic company that is committed to scrupulous craftsmanship and provides some of the best packaging equipment on the market. The company has very high guaranteed production standards thanks to highly qualified staff that are continually updated and trained. CN Tubi Formatori is able to provide the best solutions for every single industrial packaging requirement, no matter how specific. In this way we provide clients with the tools they need to manage the competitive challenges imposed by large-scale retail trade and by increasingly tight and demanding economic dynamics.

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Not forming machine but forming tubes

Regardless of what type it is, no wrapping machine can function without so-called “forming tubes.” These tubes must be expressly designed to work with the packaging machine. The round forming tubes are ideal in all cases in which the classic cushion bag is used, and they adapt perfectly to any type of film. CN can also produce forming tubes designed for a film zipper. The wide range of tubes is sufficient for satisfying the requirements of industrial packaging. However, CN technicians can also produce ad hoc forming tubes to suit a particular wrapping machine.